Saturday, June 07, 2008

More from the Little Garden

I think some of you might already know about the little garden along our corridor from my previous post about half a year ago. My mother has been saying that her new flowers are blooming and ask me to take a look. So I took some photographs to share here. Sorry if I don't know the English names of some of the plants. My mother only knows their Chinese names and I'm really bad at identifying plants :P

Long beans:

Lady's Finger:

Yellow Orchids: (oops, I don't know what type of orchid it is)

木耳花: (looks like the fungus used for cooking)

Jasmine flowers (茉莉花): It smells really nice!

七星针: A type of herb good for detoxification and can prevent cancer.

苋菜: A type of vegetable we commonly eat.



  1. Wow! Look at all the thriving vegetables & plant! :D Where does your mum get all the seedings from?

  2. My mum says only the orchids were bought, which was more than 10 years ago. The rest are all not grown from seeds. All are cut from plants given by relatives, friends or neighbours. Haha! :)

  3. wah~ i bet the air smell exceptionally good there at your place! :D with all these lovely greens and beautiful flowers *inhale* when is small small baker baking? been long since u bake! *tap feet* i'm waiting~~~ :P