Saturday, June 07, 2008

More from the Little Garden

I think some of you might already know about the little garden along our corridor from my previous post about half a year ago. My mother has been saying that her new flowers are blooming and ask me to take a look. So I took some photographs to share here. Sorry if I don't know the English names of some of the plants. My mother only knows their Chinese names and I'm really bad at identifying plants :P

Long beans:

Lady's Finger:

Yellow Orchids: (oops, I don't know what type of orchid it is)

木耳花: (looks like the fungus used for cooking)

Jasmine flowers (茉莉花): It smells really nice!

七星针: A type of herb good for detoxification and can prevent cancer.

苋菜: A type of vegetable we commonly eat.