Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Aspiring Bakers Announcement: For Fondant Theme and Some New Changes (Please READ!)

There are a few important announcement to make.

Announcement #1

For Aspiring Bakers #16: Fun with Fondant! (February 2012), hosted by Yvonne of iceamericanos this month:

1) The closing date will be extended to 6th March 2012, and the roundup will be posted on the 7th March 2012. This is because I believe many bloggers are not aware that the new theme has already started on 1 February, and since this month is also shorter, we will extend the closing date so that you have more time to play with fondant. :)

2) To encourage members to play around with fondant this month, we also accept entries that do not come with any cake/cupcake/cookie recipes. As long as there is an attempt to make and decorate with fondant, we will accept it. (This exception is only for fondant theme this month only).

Announcement #2

From this month onwards, we will reveal our Aspiring Bakers new theme 1 month in advance. So you will know March's theme now, instead of 1 March 2012. Bloggers can now have more time to come up with the bakes/dishes and write about it. At the same time, the host will not have to rush doing the roundups (assuming that bloggers post up their entries earlier). :)

The rules of joining Aspiring Bakers remain the same. Means for March's theme, you post it on your blog between 1 March 2012 and 31 March 2012, and so on for the following months.

To take a peep at the upcoming themes, you can refer to Aspiring Bakers Page, scroll toward the end, under Upcoming Hosts. You can also check all the previous roundups here.