Monday, September 05, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #11: Banana Snowskin Mooncake

Here's my first snowskin mooncake. I have long wanted to make mooncakes, not just for Aspiring Bakers. I bought the moulds 2 years ago. This time I'm not going to procrastinate anymore.

As baked mooncakes are proved to be too challenging for me. I start with snowskin mooncakes first - Banana Snowskin Mooncake wrap with Lotus Paste.

I particularly like these 2 moulds with the words “莲蓉” and “中秋”. So I will be using them for the rest of my mooncakes. :)

I read from books that the golden ratio of skin is to filling is 1:2. Which means the weight of the skin is 1/3 of the weight of the mould size you are using.

I'm quite satisfied with this snowskin recipe. The skin is very soft even when straight out of the fridge. I tried one piece every day. It stays soft for 3 days, but starts to turn a little bit hard on 4th day onwards, storing in an airtight container.

Banana Snowskin Mooncake
(original recipe, please adjust the recipe according to your mould size and batch size)
skin : filling = 1:2,
if you are using 63g mould, skin = 21g, filling = 42g
if you are making 10 mooncakes, skin = 210g, filling = 420g
adjust the recipe proportionately)


300g icing sugar
20g shortening
1/4 tsp banana essence
150g boiled cool water *
110g kao fen (cooked glutinous rice flour) 糕粉

* Boil 2 pieces of pandan leaf with 200g water until fragrant.
Leave to cool, take 150g for use)

1400g lotus paste


1. Snowskin: Knead icing sugar, shortening, banana essence and some water until shortening melts, then add in remaining water, knead evenly. Lastly add in all cooked glutinous rice flour and knead evenly. Set aside for 30 minutes. Divide the dough skin equally, roll round.

2. Filling: Divide the lotus paste equally, roll round.

3. Flatten a piece of snowskin, wrap in filling, roll round, then pat some cooked glutinous rice flour.

4. Press it into mould, unmould and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Recipe adapted from: Moonlit Mid-Autumn Festival 月盈中秋 by Choong Su Yin

I am submitting this Banana Snowskin Mooncake to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011), hosted by Happy Home Baking.

Decide the theme for Aspiring Bakers #12 here.


  1. Banana snowskin mooncake, I want to try!!

  2. Very nice snow skin mooncakes you've got! Actually, I also like your flowers' moulds. They are very nice too!

  3. hi SSB,

    its also my turn to get out from my comfort zone and try this once a year indulgement :)
    have tried once long time ago and failed miserably
    this is the time for me to try again :)

    btw, can i know how to cook the glutinuous rice flour? or did u buy ready to use cooked one?
    thks ! :)

  4. Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees5 September 2011 21:41

    I like chilled mooncake that can be eaten straight from the fridge. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks so nice. I also wish to bake mooncake soon... Finger crossed.

  6. Ah Tze: Try soon, I want to see yours!

    鲸鱼蓝蓝蓝: 我的侄儿喜欢香蕉味的。:)

    Jane: Yes, the flowers also very nice. But somehow they didn't get printed so well. I think it's my skills lah.

    Alice: I agree. I started Aspiring Bakers sort of to motivate myself to try new things every month. Do give it a try! You can buy cooked glutinous rice flour in bakery supplies shop. They are called kao fen/kou fen/糕粉 (different spellings sometimes). Easily available when it's mooncake festival.

    Sonia: Quite common here. It's my nephew's favourite. :)

    Eileen: Yes, it didnt harden straight out of the fridge. I like this recipe a lot.

    hankerie: I'm sure you can do it!

  7. Hi SSB,
    Firstly thank you for dropping by my blog and the compliments :) You snow skin ones look very pretty too. I like the fresh and clean look (not oily), not to mention the beautiful imprints!

  8. I thought it would be good to ask if there's a typo error on the amount of sugar? If I am not wrong, I think it's 30 and not 300?

  9. first time? you're not kidding us? that's beautiful!! i like the pattern with words too! initially i have no intention of making mooncakes this year but after seeing the theme of ab, i made a small batch yest to support the event, will post it up next week.

  10. Lite Home Bake: Thanks for dropping by too! :) There's no typo error, I'm following the recipe exactly from the book. Erm... unless the book has typo error. ;p But it turns out fine, soft and not overly sweet. :)

    lena: Thanks! Luckily, the mould is easy to use. :) So glad that AB has motivated you to try making mooncakes. Hope to see yours soon!

  11. I love banana flavour on snow skin.

  12. I've never tried snowskin before - baking or eating. Looks like I have a new project!

  13. 第一次做,做得很好!


  14. Hi, just wondering how did u mould it so nicely..mine one cant even see the pattern..sigh

  15. edith: My nephew's request! :)

    StillTraveller: It's very popular with Singaporeans. And very suitable for beginners to learn as no baking is required. :)

    shan: 谢谢你的鼓励!我想等明年吧,等AB结束后把好食谱全收起来,明年一定要学会传统月饼。:)

    Jes: Thanks! I guess it's the mould I'm using very easy to use. It's the plunger type. Just press the dough as hard as you can to get a deep imprint. No knocking required. Could be also depends on the plates. If the grooves not deep enough, it can also affect the outcome. :)

  16. Hi SSB,
    Thanks for clarifying on the amount of sugar. Hmm, perhaps this helps it to stay soft longer? Will give it a try sometime. I have this bad habit of reducing the amount of sugar listed, which can cause disasters at times :)

  17. Banana flavour .... sounds good, must certainly try. Your mooncakes look so neat and appealing!

  18. Lite Home Bake: I found another recipe also uses more icing sugar than flour. Perhaps it really helps to keep the skin soft. That's for us to experiment. :)

    Cheah: Thanks for the sweet comment. :)

  19. Bananas! I tried banana cakes, but not snowskin. Shall try these next year too.