Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

This is my first time posting something unrelated to food and baking.

Don't laugh at me. I have never been on a train before, never in Singapore, never in other countries too. I have also never been to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station. Living in the West part of Singapore, by the time I reach the train station, I would have reached the causeway already. So it doesn't make sense to take a train to Malaysia. So when it is going to cease operation on 1 July, everyone suddenly got interested in visiting Malaysia by train.

I was there two weeks ago trying to get tickets to JB. The tickets were hot since it was the school holidays. I was not lucky enough, the tickets for the next day were all sold out (can only buy the tickets 24 hours in advance for short distance trains, not further than Segamat). Too bad, I could only take some photographs of the train station.

I won't be trying for tickets already. We can always take trains in future. But the scenery along the railway within Singapore will be missed. I hope the railway tracks will not be demolished. Maybe they can develop it into some tourist attractions, add sightseeing trains 观光火车, and make some green and recreational facilities along the railways.

If you feel the same way, support The Green Corridor!


  1. Hey, thks for sharing these pix! I was at the station many yrs ago, to board the luxurious Orient Express. It was an unforgettable experience!

    Oh, do chk my latest on Amazing Kitchen Tips (Part II)!

  2. I brought my boy there last Sunday too! And it is also our 1st time visiting the train station. Although we didn't get the chance to board the train but at least we get the chance to see it's last day of service......

  3. I guess I was lucky to get the tickets for me & my kids. Last minute knew about this operation ceased, try out luck went to the station last Friday, reached there 11.30am, queue a while and got our 1pm tickets to JB on the spot. It was quite nice experience for the kids.

  4. It is sad that the trains to Malaysia will cease. I guess driving is much faster these days with the highways. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  5. I'm now at Spore. Don't know today got time to go there or not.

  6. you must try at least once!