Thursday, June 04, 2009

Milo Doggies Cookies

It's the June holidays! The few Double Chocolate Mint Cookies that I had saved for ourselves was simply not enough. :) I promise my nephew to make some Kids Cookies for him during the holidays.

I tried the Milo Doggies Cookies from Happy Homebaker so that I could include him in the cookies-making for some "fun" as he could help me to put the ears, eyes and noses. I heard from him that he had made cupcakes during his class and enjoyed it. So I thought he might enjoy doing the cookies with me too.

Boys are boys, instead of helping me to do the cookies nicely, he was making monsters instead of doggies. Put the eyes one up and one down or a dog with two noses, most of them don't look good at all. Those in the photos are the only fews that look better. Haha! And he was eating the Koko Krunch and chocolate chips while making them! Gosh! I wonder how the preschool teachers manage a whole class of kids! But I'm glad that he likes the cookies.

I promise him to make more cookies for him again after he finish this batch. Got to think of what to make again. :)