Monday, May 04, 2015

4-in-1 Brownies

This was baked way back in October last year. Was thinking about what flavours to bake for the brownies and couldn't decide as everyone has their own preferences. So I 假厉害 (trying to act smart) and made a 4-in-1 brownies with the 4 popular cookie and candies.

Used the old brownies recipe. I spread half of the brownie batter, added the kitkat, M&M's, marshmallows and oreo cookies in between and then topped with the rest of the batter. I was trying to imagine the surprise of biting the brownies and found the hidden 'treasures'!

I suggest using a smaller square pan like 6 inch or 7 inch because mine was not quite enough to cover. And... after it was out of oven, it didn't come out as what I predicted! The marshmallows melted and the colours of the M&Ms leaked. Ohh! The result of acting smart.

Still had to continue. Luckily I could cover all that up with a layer of ganache and adding the respective toppings. Remember to take note of the sequence of hidden ingredients you put earlier.

Despite the slight problem, this was enough to tempt anyone!

Which is your favourite?

What was in between the layers. Not as predicted though. M&Ms and marshmallow don't work. Always remember!