Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Hong Kong 2013 Day 3: Traditional Dim Sum

I better quickly continue my Hong Kong trip before I forget!

Day 3: 1 November 2013 (Fri)

So, after a good night's rest, we started Day 3 with a Traditional Dim Sum breakfast brunch actually. :) From our hotel, we walked towards Nathan Road through the covered walkway which links from Grand Century Place (beside our hotel) all the way to Mongkok MTR. Will talk about the walkway in the next post.

View of the morning street from the walkway.

We walked along Nathan Road, looking for a good place to eat. Spotted this London Restaurant 倫敦大酒樓 and decided to try it. The place was quite crowded, considering it was a working day morning. The place seemed to be full of locals. I wonder why they no need to work? Or is it their culture to yum cha every morning? Anyway, I love this kind of old school dim sum restaurant where you can order your hot dim sum from the push carts or trolleys.

Grabbed a couple of food. Not sure if all the photos were taken as all of us were busy eating! Let the photos do the talking!

The HK Char Siew Bao. I don't really like to eat red red char siew bao in Singapore. But this HK one is an exception!

The Rice Roll was so smooth!

Falling in love with the Radish cake here in Hong Kong. So smooth and QQ!

The Steamed Egg Cake (马来糕)was ok. We prefered Tim Ho Wan's.

Egg tarts were so yummy! Flaky skin and super smooth custard.

Saw many people ordering, so we took this too. Taste like steamed milk pudding in coconut. Nice!

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