Sunday, March 02, 2014

Aspiring Bakers Last Theme - Rainbow and Ombre Party!

If you have not read my previous announcement, YES, Aspiring Bakers is ending this month. Let's not be sad. We want to end our last theme with the HAPPIEST food on Earth - Rainbow and Ombre Party!

Photo from The Baking Biatch

We welcome any bakes/desserts that are rainbow or ombre (with at least 4 colours). Cookies, cakepops, cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, pushpops, jellies, agar agar are all good, anything that you can think of! Sounds good?

If you have been waiting to try but still procrastinating, this is it! Make it once and you will be addicted. If you have no ideas or inspiration, check our our host's blog - She has plenty of recipes and tutorials to get you started.

Do join us for our last party! Looking forward to a colourful month!