Monday, February 17, 2014

Marina Bay Sands Hotel MBS

My family booked a room at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel during December last year. So I dropped by, if not dunno when will have the chance to visit this expensive hotel. Haha!

This is the hotel lobby with a large Christmas tree.

Past by a cafe and spotted this Christmas tree made of cookies and candies.

The room.

View of Gardens by the Bay from the room.

Got up to the Sands SkyPark observation deck at 57th Floor for the beautiful view of Singapore City. It is free access for hotel guests. It was noon time, skies was clear, weather was good!

We went for lunch and planning to come back later for the Infinity Pool. But the weather turned bad and started raining. :(

The infinity pool was awesome right! Looks scary, like going to fall over anytime? Haha!

Look at the side view of the pool. Nah, you are not entirely at the edge of the building. No worries at all!

Back to room for rest as the rain was getting heavier and impossible to swim.

The view of Gardens by the Bay as the sky darkened.

We drove to Satay by the Bay. A lot of local food over there, steamboat, BBQ... Think we got BBQ chicken wings, popiah, pizza and of course SATAY!

Ordered satay from 2 different stalls, this was our preferred one.

Back to the hotel. We went up again to the Sands SkyPark for the night view. Still drizzling at that time and couldn't take much photos.

While my family went back to their room, I returned home. It was a great experience!