Monday, April 01, 2013

The red radish that did not make it

Just before Chinese New Year, my mum bought a red radish from the market for fun. Just as we were wondering what to do with it, I saw a few IG friends posting about growing radish. Pardon my ignorance cos I have never heard of planting radish before. So after asking, I was told it is grown for its flowers.

After more reading about radish flowers, I then know that radish plants are commonly sold as festive plants during CNY. Because radish is also called 菜头 which sounds somewhat similar to the pronunciation of (好)彩头 which means "good luck"!

We planted our radish on 4th Feb. I was told to put some ice to speed up its growing. Oops, should put it on the leaves instead of on the soil!

On 7th Feb, only 3 days later, it had grown quite a bit of leaves.

Took this photo on 10 Feb - the 1st day of Chinese New Year. Wishing that it will 花开富贵!

Unfortunately, it didn't. On 21 Feb, it was already on the dying side. Not sure if it was due to too much rain.

This was the last photo taken on 27 Feb. The radish had reached the end of its life before it can produce any flowers. :(

So do you want to know how the plant will eventually look like if succeed? Here is a plant taken at my mum's friend's place. It was blooming with flowers for the CNY! So envious! Well, nevermind, I shall try again next year. You too!