Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bake King Silver Spoon Create Hamper Giveaway

Since many of you will be baking for Christmas, I thought it will be nice to let you know there is a chance to win a hamper of Silver Spoon Create decorating products worth $40 from Bake King.

All you have to do is create something using Bake King brand product like vanilla essence, flour, flavours etc and email your photo to info@bakeking.com.sg. The photo will be posted to their Facebook page, and the one with the most "LIKEs" wins the hamper. :)

Please send your entries in before 17 December 2011!

For more information and enquiries, check their website and FB page.


  1. 此page

    诗巫这没有看到这个bake king产品!那么是不是没机会参与了?


  2. 佳佳:这个Bake King的比赛跟Aspiring Bakers是没关系的。

    只要你在这个月份有做圣诞的糕点就可以参与Aspiring Bakers (不需要用到bake king的产品)。把资料传给Hankerie,她会在1月1日2012年把所有的作品总结起来,让大家一次过,看到很多圣诞糕点。

    然后如果你刚好有用到bake king的产品,可以顺便email给bake king,有机会赢奖。

    所以虽然你在诗巫找不到bake king产品,还是可以参加AB。我解释的可以吗?:)

  3. i think bake king only available in Singapore, am i right?
    i did went to the shop few weeks ago but too bad not buying anything there...hehe
    btw, SSB i have found the plant i mentioned in my blog. Come over to say thanks...:)

  4. Sounds like a great giveaway! See if I can come up with something :) Happy Holidays!

  5. Sherleen: 不用谢!找到就好!:)

    Blackswan: Good luck to you!