Saturday, December 10, 2011

2 December 2011 - Universal Studios Singapore

On the 2nd day of stay at Festive Hotel, we went to Universal Studios Singapore. It was my first time here and also my first time going into a theme park with my parents. I can tell how happy they were.

Universal Studios Singapore is quite a small theme park and very easy to navigate. There are 7 themed zones which loops around a lagoon. After you walk past Hollywood, you can choose to go left or right. I suggest families with children to go left to Madagascar first cos this side starts from rides suitable for young kids. For those who prefer the more exciting rides, you can go right and head for Sci-Fi City.

Remember to get the latest map and list of show times for the day when you enter the theme park, as the show times might differ from day-to-day.

** Hollywood **
Plenty of shops and dining places. There is one attraction called the Monster Rock. I missed it.

** Madagascar **
Here are 2 rides very suitable for young children, King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round and Madagascar: A Crate Adventure. There is also a street show Madagascar Boogie!. It's kind of disappointing as I expected some entertaining show, but it was only a photo-taking session. Guess it was only for fans of Madagascar movie.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure is a fun river boat ride. We went in 3 times because my nieces enjoyed it very much. Here's part of the ride which I had recorded down.

** Far Far Away **
Here you must not miss the Shrek 4-D Adventure show. Mother doesn't understand what is 4-D show, but now she does! Besides 3-D visual effect, the seat is movable and you get sprayed by water and feel itchiness too. Stationary seats are also provided for those who can't take the physical movements. We catched another Donkey LIVE show. Entertainment for the kids, but not for me, haha! There's another junior rollercoaster and ferris wheel here. Ah, I did not see where the ferris wheel is.

** The Lost World **
Everything from Jurassic Park. Even the Discovery Food Court has the same setting as Jurassic Park 1 movie with a large dinosaur. Me had chicken rice set $10.50 which is not so nice. It was a bad day raining heavily outside, so we just settled at where-ever place to eat and take shelter.

Another attraction here is WaterWorld. It is a live water show with stunts, water, fire, explosions. Front seats will get wet. Must x3 watch!

** Ancient Egypt **
2 rides here. Treasure Hunters is a casual jeep ride with nice views of the park. I heard the Revenge of the Mummy is highly recommended. It is scary and definitely not for kids and the faint-hearted, that includes me!

** Sci-Fi City **
The ultimate ride in the park - Battlestar Galactica. The latest attraction TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. It is opened on 3 December, we missed it by 1 day.

** New York **
Rain finally stopped when we reached here. 1 attaction - Lights, Camera. Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg where you experience hurricane in New York City. Row 1 can have the most intense experience. We were in row 3, can't choose. Do try the large pizza at Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor.

We had fun!

Despite the weather was bad, it was raining from morning till around 4pm, overall it was still a very fun day. I didn't manage to take more photos because of the rain. If you intend to go, be there on a weekday (less queueing time) and definitely not on a rainy day. :)