Thursday, November 03, 2011

Baking classes for Aspiring Bakers

Aspiring Bakers is reaching new heights!

A month ago, I received an email from Gim Hin Lee/Bake King, a leading baking ingredient supplier in Singapore, who love our Aspiring Bakers event and is interested to do a collaboration with us.

We are discussing about organizing baking classes at a special rate for AB bloggers at Bake King and also allowing the participants to have a discount at their store after the class. The class will be planned according to our monthly theme and taught by experienced baking teachers. It is a good chance for us to learn and meet to have fun!

I'm posting this to check the response from all of you.

1) Will you be interested in joining these class?
2) Do you prefer cooking or baking classes?
3) Do you prefer hands-on or demo classes?
4) Do you prefer weekday or weekend, daytime or nighttime classes?

Leave a comment here to tell us your preference. :)