Friday, August 12, 2011

NDP 2011 @ The Padang

I was at the Padang on National Day as we were given 5 free tickets. Organized by Young NTUC, we were supposed to form the largest human Singapore flag using the red and white umbrellas.

We were there after 5.30pm and seated at the back, holding the white umbrellas. We were taught the right timing to open and close the umbrellas and forming waves and moving our umbrellas to form patterns. So that when the President arrives and starts to sing the National Anthem, we will open our umbrellas to form the flag and the helicopter (below, top-right) will capture us on the screen/tv. I have to watch the repeat telecast to see how we performed that night. :)

The kids having fun with the toys in the fun packs and busy eating our tabao food.

I didn't take a lot of photos as I was recording videos instead. Here are some of them.

The Singapore flag flying past.

Working out with the umbrellas.

The spectacular fireworks!

And the ending part of the fireworks before the National Day Parade ends.

We had a great time!