Monday, May 11, 2009

Vanilla Ice Cream

Almost a year ago, when I signed up for a Premium Service membership at the library which entitles members to borrow 4 additional books/AV items like VCD/DVD/software, etc, I borrowed a VCD called "Ice-Cream Making" by Agnes Chang. The VCD teaches how easy ice creams can be made at home without any ice cream maker. All you need is an electric mixer that will churn out the ice creams in about the same way. I had taken down some useful notes and will share it briefly here.

In that VCD, Agnes Chang introduces 3 ways of making ice cream at home:

1. The simple method (mango ice cream and strawberry ice cream)
This method does not require any eggs and is suitable for people who cannot consume eggs or is worried about consuming semi-cooked eggs. The main ingredients are coffeemate powder, sugar, milk and gelatine powder. However, I do not like the idea of adding gelatine to my ice creams cos it's not suitable for vegetarians so this method is out for me.

2. The quick method (double chocolate ice cream and rum and raisin ice cream)
This method is quick because it does not require the process of freezing until half frozen, whipping, and re-freezing. Just need to freeze one time only. The method involves cooking the custard > adding whipped egg whites > adding whipped cream. The end product is smooth enough and does not require additional whipping. However, I do not like the idea of adding raw egg whites to my ice creams so this method is out for me too.

3. The traditional method (vanilla ice cream and sweet corn ice cream)
This is the traditional way of making ice cream which involves cooking the custard > adding whipping cream and whisk up the mixture when it is half-frozen till smooth and fluffy, then re-freezing. And here I have just tried out her Vanilla Ice Cream using this method.

At last, I have put my Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract to good use. Below is a special recipe card (can I call this a recipe card??) that I have made myself. Hopefully, it will be useful to anyone who wants to make ice creams at home. Oh ya, if you need any recipes for the other methods, I have them too, but I can't tell you how good the result and taste is.

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