Friday, October 05, 2007

Chocolate Torte

5 October 2007

I finally try baking this Chocolate Torte today, another recipe that has been in my recipes-to-try list for a long time. Mine did not crack and sink a lot. It is flaky on the top and soft and moist in the centre. I have never tasted a Chocolate Torte before. But this Chocolate Torte is surely one of the best. Thanks to Happy Homebaker. She's like my half-teacher in baking and I always visit her blog for new recipes and tips for baking. :)

Recipe from Happy Homebaker


  1. hi, if u are "able" to leave this cake overnight, it will taste even better! just leave it in room temperature (cover with cling wrap will do).

  2. Oops, I have already left them in the fridge overnight. :( Will have try it the next time. Thanks a lot for the advice!

  3. Small small baker , I aso see Happy Home baker as my "teacher" leh hehe, cos not only I try her recipes, I also ask her alot of questions and she answers them patiently.

  4. I agree. She's such a nice person. :)