Friday, October 12, 2007

1st chiffon cake

11 October 2007

Inspired by Happy Homebaker, I bought a 6 inch chiffon tin and eagerly tried to bake a Milo chiffon cake yesterday. It was exciting to see the chiffon cake rise inside the oven until quite high. At the same time I felt a bit uneasy, worrying that it would sink down. Then the expected result came. It sank within seconds after I removed it from the oven. As a result, the cake was in a funny shape when I cut a portion out.

Nevertheless, the taste is very good and it is soft and cottony, although the milo taste is not strong. I'm not very sure why the chiffon cake sank so fast. Not sure also whether I have beaten the egg whites to the right texture. Guess I have to try again. I think my family will like chiffon cake better because it is healthier. :)