Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014 & New Announcements

Welcome to 2014! Looking back at previous years, I don't seem to have the habit of compiling my bakes of the year. After seeing many bloggers doing it, I did mine this year.

Took a morning to look back at my posts last year, not many actually :P. I did my first charity bake sale for CNY, baked MORE chiffon cakes, did more kiddy bakes, played with fondant the first time, made mooncakes. I posted more unrelated to baking stuffs, haha! About gardening and half-way through my Hong Kong trip. Still have not posted up some bakes yet.

Some of my favourites for last year.

I'm not a very hardworking baker and blogger. I don't write well, I take my photos in less than a minute. I don't bake that often. I take longer time to blog, especially when there are more ways of sharing my bakes online, like through facebook and instagram. :) I choose to blog more casually now, at my own pace. Blogging is my way of recording my own recipes, my thoughts, my life, my experiences. So that I can have great memories when I look back. If I have shared a good recipe, inspired you to bake, provided some useful information, that's a bonus! :)

Good things come and go. I have 2 announcements to make today.

Aspiring Bakers is coming to an end this year. This had been on my mind for the longest time since last year as I think I have not done a good job. It is a hard decision to end AB. And I finally decide and officially announce it today. I hope you are reading this! This month's 39th theme: CNY Rock & Roll is the second last one. The last theme will be Rainbow Cakes/Ombre Cakes hosted by Cynthia. I really enjoyed the food posted by all bloggers and readers. Aspiring Bakers has great moments, bringing everyone together to share and make friends. I am very proud to be the starter of this event. Hope all of you will give great support for the last 2 themes. :)

The other announcement is about my online shop SSB Baking Supplies. It was started a few months ago, selling baking/cooking/packaging products. Thank you to all my baking friends who supported by buying and sharing about it online. I hope to look for more interesting products that are harder to find here and keep the prices affordable (some shops are selling too high!). Earning a little extra income and also fulfilling my little dream at the same time. Please support to keep it going!

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Wishing for a good year in 2014!