Sunday, December 01, 2013

Hong Kong 2013 Day 1: Royal Plaza Hotel

Day 1: 30 October 2013 (Wed)

Royal Plaza Hotel

By the time we reached and check-in Royal Plaza Hotel, it was already 10pm! We took more than 2 hours! We were lucky, or maybe due to the late check-in, we managed to get a free upgrade to the royal club room at the top floor!

Our room was at the top 19th floor. We were very delighted once we entered and saw the room. It was huge! We were recommended to this hotel because of their huge room size of 350 sq feet (33 sq m). It can accommodate at least 3-4 people, just nice for a small family. So glad that we will be staying here for 3 nights! :)

We got 2 big and comfortable queen-sized beds in our room! There is a 46" LED TV (no photo) and a mini-bar cabinet with a variety of beverages, a mini fridge and a Nespresso coffee machine too! What I love most is the free in-room WiFi cos I needed it to check my emails, facebook and instagram, haha! Plus there are plenty of USB powerpoint in the room for charging and iPhone/iPod Docking Station, all just beside the bed. So I can use my phone while lying on the bed. :)

The very modern bathroom with bathtub and rain shower head. Well-stocked bathroom amenities and hairdryer. Then we discovered something more special for the bathroom. It is actually a see-through bathroom, of course you can put down the blinds if you need privacy, hehe! For some strange reasons, we couldn't find the door lock for the bathroom. Maybe it's supposed to be unlocked? :)

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳

After all the "exploring" for the room, it was already 11pm. Me and my mum went out for some dinner/supper. We were like very careful not to lose our way as we were new to the place. But there were plenty of signs to lead us. My method of finding ways is just need to recognize a few important street names - Fa Yuen Street 花園街, Tung Choi Street 通菜街, Bute Street 弼街. :) We found the way there by walking through the shopping centre Grand Century Place just beside the hotel, down an escalator to reach Bute Street. For your info, it was very safe to walk around here, the streets were still full of people at this time! Hong Kong-ers don't sleep! :)

The famous Kam Wah Cafe is right in front. They are famous for their pineapple buns 菠蘿油 and egg tarts, but not at this late hour. We quickly settled for a fried rice and then went back to rest. (Too bad, I didn't have the chance to be back for their pineapple buns :()

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