Sunday, June 24, 2012

Snow fungus dessert with red dates and lotus seeds 红枣莲子雪耳甜汤

Snow fungus (雪耳/银耳/白木耳) dessert is my love at first taste, which started only recently. It is good for our body, esp our lungs and skin, nourishes yin (滋阴) and remove heatiness. I'm making it as my weekly dessert.

From Hockhua Tonic $3.80 (150g)
I bought this 高山雪耳 recommended by the salesperson at Hockhua Tonic. He told me this is better in quality and the price is also quite cheap $3.80 (150g). No wonder it is also called the poor man’s bird nest!

To prepare:
Soak a small piece of snow fungus (it will expand a lot after soaking) in water for about 30 minutes until soft (or overnight). Gently wash to remove any impurities. Cut away the yellow hard part and discard. Then cut the rest into smaller pieces before adding to your soup.

Cook the lotus seeds in a pot of water about 10 minutes or till soften. Drain, rinse and remove the bitter green germ from the seeds.

Cooking this soup is so easy for me using a slow cooker.

To cook:
Just add water, white fungus, lotus seeds and pitted red dates into the slow cooker. Cook at high heat for 2 hours, then reduce to low heat for 1 hour for soft jelly-like texture (my preference). Turn off and add rock sugar according to taste. If you prefer the snow fungus to be crunchy and not too soft, reduce the cooking time.

I am submitting this Snow fungus dessert to Aspiring Bakers #20 - Asian Dessert Buffet! (June 2012), hosted by by Moon of Food Playground.