Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Good news... problem finally solved

Good news for all bloggers who have been experiencing problems with missing editing icons in the new post page.

It has nothing to do with Blogger and nothing to do with internet browsers (both IE and FF didn't work for me). It is actually Singnet's problem. It seems to affect singnet users only I think.

Here's a solution from the forum for those using Internet Explorer.

Tools -> Internet Options
Click on "Connections" page tab
Click on "LAN Settings" button (if you are using Broadband)
Check "Use a proxy server for your LAN ..." checkbox
Click on "Advanced" button
Under HTTP type, input "" for proxy address and "8080" for port

It works for me!


  1. Hi SSB,

    I'm also a singnet user and have encountered the same problem. Will try your solution.


  2. Hi Small Small Baker,
    Hmmm...actually I am using Malaysia network now...not singnet, and still having the problem. But good for you larr...u're back on board!

  3. Hi SSB, I am using singnet too, thanks for providing the solution!

  4. yeah! missed you SO MUCH while you are gone. i am having a different problem - broadband at home is down, some port problems of the provider, damn ... surfing time is restricted to my time at starbucks and from my cellphone, which is no fun.

  5. Thanks Small Small Baker, I tried your method and it works...hippy!! Thanks again..^-^

  6. Hi SSB,
    You finally managed to find the "culprit"! If you'd known earlier, then you'll have more posts! Aiya, singnet not very reliable hor?

  7. thank u for sharing this and it WORK!!!! hurray!!!!!

  8. Hi SSB,

    I have problem to add new item in my 'Link List', it just doesn't work. I am wondering if u face the same problem after changing the proxy?

  9. yay! look forward to your posts :)

  10. Hi Angel, I've tried adding new item to link list and there's no problem. Maybe you can change back the proxy and see if it's the cause of the problem?

  11. oh great! someone left me a comment to come here for the solution. i followed the steps and it worked! thank you!

  12. hi Small small baker....

    your steps to recovery was 'magical salvation' to resurrect the postings ....

    thank you for sharing the tips.


  13. Hi SSB,

    Thank you so much! Just encountered the problem and try your solutions. It's worked!

  14. Hi Small Small Baker,

    So sad, your method can't work on my stupid computer. Still have to stick to my troublesome way (hubby's laptop). :( Thanks so much 'Blogger Rescuer'. I will try again.

  15. Hi Small Small Baker,

    I like to share another way to restore the 'Editing Icons'. Simply bring the cursor to the editing icons, clip once and press Ctrl F5, and everything will display again. I found this solution from another blog. Hope this will help too.

  16. Hi Happy Flour, thanks for your second solution. It looks simpler than the first one and it can be used by those who are not Singnet users. Hm... I'm wondering if it only affects Singnet users or not.

  17. Hi SSB,

    I like to dedicate 'I love your Blog' award to you. Please go to my blog, copy and paste it at your blog. :)

  18. Hi Happy Flour, thank you so much for giving me this award!

  19. Hi SSB,
    Mizz your posting leh. Hope your internet is working properly for you. Btw, I have passed an award to you. Pls check it out from my blog. I love your blog and mizz your sharing :) Thanks


  20. Thanks Elin for the award! Feel so guilty about receiving the award cos I have not been baking recently. Hope to be back soon!

  21. Hi SSB,

    Yeah! It works for me too. Thanks for sharing all the internet problem solving. :)

  22. Someone gave me this tip and it works too. Still having little problem with it but still OK on the whole.

    You have a very beautiful blog :)
    cheers crystal

  23. Hi, didn't see you update your blog for a while, is everything ok?