Friday, August 29, 2008

Nephew's 4th Birthday

Today is my nephew's 4-year-old birthday. He has chosen another "vehicle-theme" cake for his birthday. Yeah, we know that he likes all sorts of vehicles since he was few months old. He had a train cake when he was 1, a construction-site cake when he was 3. (His 2nd year was a sesame street cake :) ). And this year, it is a Choo Choo Train Cupcake from PrimaDeli which is made of 24 cupcakes. I like the cake decoration but the cupcake doesn't taste as nice as last year's one.

Happy Birthday, Boy!


  1. hi ssb!
    it s a very beatiful birthday cake..
    happy birthday to your nephew:)

  2. Hi SSB,

    At first glance, I thought you have made this..I just wanted to praise you.. when I read on.. aiyah.. I din even know PrimaDeli sell cupcakes!!

  3. Thanks yosunbuka! :)

    JY, I wish I can made cupcakes like these too... aiyah.. too bad. :|