Friday, August 22, 2008

Easy Strawberry Ice Cream

I'm into ice-cream making again! :)

After my successful attempt in making the black sesame ice cream, I made another ice cream flavour upon my nephew's request. Erm... my excuse actually, I think I crave for the ice cream more than he does. But he has the privilege of choosing the ice cream flavour that he likes. I have a couple of ice cream recipes like green tea, red bean, cookies & cream, etc. In the end, he wants to eat strawberry ice cream, as simple as that. I told him, but we don't have strawberries at home. So I had to use strawberry paste to substitute the real strawberries.

Here's the strawberry ice cream for you. :)

Easy Strawberry Ice Cream (Modified from here and here)

3 egg yolks
80g sugar
200g fresh milk
1 tsp strawberry paste
250g non-dairy whipping cream

1. Whisk egg yolks and sugar till white and creamy.
2. Double boil the egg yolk mixture and stir constantly. Pour in fresh milk and continue stirring until mixture is hot but not boiling.
3. Remove the milk mixture from heat and set aside to cool.
4. Add in 1 tsp of strawberry paste.
5. Whisk non-dairy whipping cream till fluffy and fold in the cooled milk mixture.
6. Pour into container and freeze overnight or until firm.

* You can add fresh strawberries in if you like.


  1. :) haha... addicted already? I can't stop making them. LOve homemade ice cream..yummy.
    Anyway, congrats. Your strawberry ice cream looks great.

  2. Hi SSB,
    Your strawberry ice cream looks so nice! The pink is really sweet! What kind of paste did you put? It really looks like having the real strawberry into it! :p How is the taste though? Bery berries? :p

  3. Hi!

    Your ice-cream looks yummy! Judging from the recipe, seems rather easy to make leh, is it?

  4. Yeah, addicted already. :D
    Your homemade ice creams look even better. I'm still making the easiest types of ice cream. :)

    Hi passionbaker, I use the Bake King brand strawberry emulco. Of course some people may find the taste artificial. You might want to add the real strawberries. Can adjust the sugar in case the strawberries are not so sweet. :)

    Hi myhomekitchen, it is really easy to make. I'm sure you can do it. You can try reading this book 冷冻甜品 at popular bookstore. I got a few recipes from there and I'm eager to try them out. :)

  5. yum...i want!! it looks creamy and nice. i think the best part is not using any ice cream maker because i dun have it at home. i can just go try it. ;o)

  6. Hi ah teo, yes, I was pretty excited when I found that no ice cream maker is needed to make ice creams. I'm new to ice-making too. Not that difficult, you should try it. :)

  7. how i can i get the strawberry paste that u mentioned? does NTUC have? i know that brand cos i bought their baking powder before. does it have strawberry milk taste?

  8. I think I bought it at NTUC (or shop n save). It does taste like strawberry milk. And when the ice cream melts, it feels like drinking strawberry milkshake. :p

  9. SSB, Wanting to try the ice cream ... wanna ask u, how much is the resulted ice cream? My dh no confidence in me, so want me to try a little bit first, but I am not sure how much this recipe will yield. Too much mooncake at home so cant bake, busy too, but ice cream no stock in freezer liao so thot of trying. keke.

    Congrats on the award. You definitely deserve it cos you have put in hardwork in your bakes as well as your blog. ;-)

  10. Hi Sherlyn, I roughly measure my container, it's about 1 litre. Hope to see you try soon and thanks for your encouragement! :)

  11. Thanks SSB .. whole family took turns to be sick and my boy is still having slight fever, so everything besides the necessity like 3 main meals and usual housework has been put on whole, so MIA for quite a while. Hope to get it done soon cos still no ice cream .. kekeke

  12. Hi!

    Your strawberry ice-cream looks really delicious and I'm really looking forward to try it this weekend. Just a quick question, where do we get non-dairy whipping cream? Is it possible to know which brand to use? I have trouble looking for non-dairy whipping cream.

    Thanks so much!

  13. Hi Sherlyn, poor thing. Must take care of yourself ok. You can try the toblerone ice cream I made recently. Even better than the strawberry ice cream. Hehe...

    Hi Sam, thanks for visiting my blog! Yeah, do try it. It's quite simple. Just a reminder, after freezing overnight, take it out and whisk until smooth and freeze again until set. I get the RED MAN brand non-dairy whipping cream from Phoon Huat baking supplies store. You can check for store locations. Happy ice-cream making! :)

  14. Hi SSB!

    I couldn't wait for the weekend so I bought the ingredients yesterday and tried it out last night. The recipe is FANTASTIC!~ My family enjoyed it very much! Thanks a lot!!! Just another quick question to satisfy my
    curiosity, would it be possible to reduce the whipped topping and increase the milk instead?

    Thanks again for your great recipe!!

  15. Hi Sam, I'm so happy to hear that. Homemade ice cream is great and healthier and SAFER too. Hee...

    If you use more milk and less cream, the ice cream will be more icy and less creamy.

  16. can i u this recipe for mango flavor?
    i`m quite nervous to make dis.

  17. Hi, yes, you can substitute with mango flavor. I suggest you add some fresh mango in too. It will taste even better. :)

  18. i`m want to replace it with mango puree.. how many mango do i need? how to make it into puree?

  19. Wow...that actually looks quite simple...I have never tried to make my own ice cream, but I may try with that recipe!

    I am sure homemade ice cream of any flavour is better tasting than store purchased.

    Have you ever tried Rhubarb Ice Cream, or have a recipe for it?

    I would love to try that too.