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Hong Kong 2013 Day 4 & 5: Hong Kong Disneyland Part 1

Oh my! Haven't been posting anything this month and I still have not finished writing about my Hong Kong trip. I'm just too obsessed about planning my upcoming short trip in May. So whenever I'm online, I will be reading and taking notes for the trip. Hopefully I can quickly finish this HK trip in 3 more posts.

Day 4&5: 2-3 November 2013 (Sat/Sun)

We spent the last 2 days having lots of fun in Hong Kong Disneyland. And because we visited the different rides and attractions quite randomly, I will summarize what we experienced during the 2 days together.

First thing upon entering the theme park is to get the Park Map and the Time Guide for the show times.

The 2 most important shows that must not be missed are the Flights of Fantasy Parade at (3:30pm) and "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks at 8pm (Sat). Please check the exact time as the time may vary on different days. I will post the photos for these 2 events in the next post.

There are also 2 Stage Shows with fixed times. The Festival of the Lion King and The Golden Mickeys. So do some planning during your visit to maximize your limited time in Disneyland. Although we had 2 days here, we couldn't complete all the rides as intended. The long queues were the main reason. I guess we were there on weekend and the place was really crowded (do avoid weekends)! So will only mention about those that we tried.

It helps to get a Fastpass to save some of the time. Fastpass is only available for certain rides. You can read the information below or from the website.

Here's the Park Map. It's divided into 7 zones.

As usual, I always like to tick all the attractions that I had visited.

Entering the Park.

I have to warn you that they are extremely strict about entering the park. They will check your bags and see what are inside. It is not much for security reasons. More because they do not allow outside food in the park. We had a very unpleasant experience here. I helped my mum bought some vegetarian food as we were worried about having no vegetarian food inside. The staff simply didn't allow us inside. And mum had to finish eating all the food outside the park then enter. It was just a packet of rice and I wonder why they are so inflexible. While eating outside the park, we noticed a few visitors had to throw their food away before they were allowed to enter. Not very happy about it. Just my personal view.

Unhappiness aside, this is what's greeting you upon entering. A great place for photo. It is actually the Disneyland Railroad train station at the Main Street. It will bring you around the whole park with a stop at the Fantasyland Train Station.

Main Street

You will be at the Main Street first. Some street performance was going on.

The Christmas tree.

Along the Main Streets are many souvenir shops and restaurants.

Walk further down, you will see the Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is also where the Flights of Fantasy Parade and "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks will be.


Walk through the castle, you will be at Fantasyland. We spent quite some time here because girls like this place better. :)

The Fantasyland Train Station

Do take a ride for a view of the park and some interesting sights. It also helps if you are rushing for time between Fantasyland and the Main Street.

We skipped the Cinderella Carousel because of the long queue and it is just a very common ride.

Flew for a minute after queuing for an hour at the Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Lol!

Most of the rides here are very family-friendly and suitable for kids and elderly. We went for the Mickey's PhilharMagic which is a 3D show (no photo) and a kiddy leisure ride at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

As compared to Winnie the Pooh, I enjoyed "it's a small world" ride better!

The Golden Mickeys is a musical show that must not be missed!


We spent less time over here. Took the Jungle River Cruise which was quite a memorable one among all the rides. I only took video so no photos here. There is a Tarzan's Treehouse (below) which we skipped as it may be too challenging for the young kids.

The rafts to the Tarzan's Treehouse.

Remember to catch another show here, Festival of the Lion King. The kids wanted to watch a second time but we were too lack of time!


Such a regret that we spent the least time over here. We missed quite many rides including the Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters which I really wanted to try.

Luckily we endured the long queue for Autopia, which happened to be my favourite ride among all that we tried. We literally queue from day to night, haha, for I think an hour during evening time. It is very interesting to me because even the youngest kids who cannot handle the steering wheel can also drive (although a minimum height is needed to accompany a young driver as kids too young will not be able to reach the pedal). The electric car seems to have a "magnetic track" (I don't know). Cos everytime you steer out of the track, it will pull you back to the centre. Haha! Really fun!

After Autopia, we had our dinner at Comet Cafe serving Hong Kong style fried rice and noodles which sucks and don't deserve any photos. But we were in a hurry to settle our dinner before the fireworks starts.

Hong Kong Disneyland was first opened with the above 4 zones. The other 3 zones below are opened at later dates at the West side of the park.

Grizzly Gulch

There is not much rides here except for the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars rollercoaster ride. Oops, forget to take photo as I was busy having my Fish & Chips at Lucky Nugget Saloon here while waiting for those who queue for the ride. Rollercoaster is not for me. :)

Mystic Point

Be sure to try the Mystic Manor here for the special Magneto-Electric Carriage ride. The carriage is trackless and travels around to scenes of mysterious visual effects.

Toy Story Land

We ended our last hour in Disneyland rushing through here before we had to leave at 5pm for our flight back.

RC Racer, too terrifying for me. :)

Stinky Dog Spin. Too long queue.

And we tried the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, less scary and suitable for most people.

And the Mickey Fountain outside the theme park. It looks great at night! Miss Disneyland so much while writing this!

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