Friday, August 09, 2013

Fondant Fun: Minions, King pigs and National Day

See. I finally start playing with fondant after so much procrastination. A waste-money expensive hobby. Haha! I haven't got the right tools as I only have a few cutters and a few types of colourings. So far, I have made with fondant 3 times. I'm going to record down them in my blog although they look really weird and many flaws as I am still very unskilled and clumsy with my hands and fingers. Don't laugh at my work. :)

Fondant #1: The very hot minions now. I thought they look really weird at first. But the more I see, the more I like. Haha!

Fondant #2: The King Pigs 3D style. Not easy to do 3D fondant. Plus I am not good at doing art and creativity stuffs.

Fondant #3: A set of National Day Cupcakes. Can't do the stars as I don't have such a small star cutter.

The reason I said it is waste-money because I don't know what to do with the fondants I created. So waste to throw away my work. Keep also no use. Maybe next time I give or sell away cheap. Haha!

Happy National Day to all Singaporeans! 
Peace and Prosperity for Singapore!


  1. haha... i like your small small minions la, cute...

  2. They are actually quiet cute! I don't bother with fondant because I know for sure they will end up sitting in the pantry until expiry hah! hah!

  3. Yeah I agree it is a waste of money cos I also do not eat them. Fondant cakes are nice to look at but definitely not nice to eat, I guess only kids love them? :)

  4. Wah the fondant deco looks great! Esp the National day ones. Good job! :)