Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Kranji Countryside: GardenAsia - Hay Dairies - Farmart - Koon Lee

A quick summary of the 4 places at Kranji Countryside which I went to over the past few months.

The most recent one is the Petals and Leaves Bistro@GardenAsia. It was on the Sunday, 1 day before the PSI shot up to the unhealthy level. This is the view from the Bistro. A very quiet place with nature, greenery and peace.

There is a kids menu available too.

Then we proceed to the Hay Dairies. If you want to see the milking process, be there between 9am-11am. You can also purchase goat milk to drink there. We have been ordering goat milk home delivery for many years already. They deliver weekly and the minimum order is 2 bottles at $16.

Few months ago, we also visited Farmart Centre. I was a little disappointed cos although it was a Sunday afternoon, the place looked very quiet and very few people. Most of the stores were either closed or sold out.

Not much things to see, except for some animals and plants to entertain me.

Some local and farm products for sale. There are a few interesting stalls like live seafood, quail and exotic meat products. There is also a seafood restaurant, bbq meat and satay stalls, I guess the place will be busier during meal times? You can also do prawn catching too.

The animal corner has more crowds. Then I know, most children are here to see and feed the little animals (extra purchase for animal food).

Finally, I'm introducing Koon Lee Nursery to you if you are a gardening lover. My mum buys the organic soil over here. There are also a lot of gardening supplies and potted plants for sale.

There are a lot more farms at Kranji Countryside. If you want to experience a different side of Singapore, besides the usual shopping and eating, do visit some of the farms here!