Monday, September 12, 2011

Aspiring Bakers #11: Mocha Oreo Snowskin Mooncake

My third snowskin mooncake. I immediately bookmark it when I saw this recipe from the book I borrowed. There are 2 types of lotus paste wrapped within the snowskin. The inner filling is lotus paste mixed with oreo cookies and chocolate. The outer filling is lotus paste. The snowskin is coffee flavoured. Quite a nice combination. :)

From the mooncakes posts during the last 2 weeks, I notice that most of the snowskin mooncakes are made using the rub-in method. I use this method for this Mocha Oreo and Mango snowskin mooncakes. My Banana snowskin mooncakes uses another method by mixing icing sugar, shortening and water first, adding flour last. I get a better texture using the mixing method. I wonder if I overhandle the dough when using the rub-in method. So I'm not concluding anything here. I need more practice. :)

I still have some kao fen and lotus paste left, so I will be doing more mooncakes after mid-autumn. I still want to try Shanghai mooncakes. But not too soon cos our house is overloaded with other store-bought mooncakes too. My new jelly mooncakes moulds are also not used yet. Too short time this year!

Mocha Oreo Snowskin Mooncake
(original recipe, please adjust the recipe according to your mould size and batch size)
skin : filling = 1:2,
if you are using 63g mould, skin = 21g, filling = 42g
if you are making 10 mooncakes, skin = 210g, filling = 420g
adjust the recipe proportionately)


100g kao fen (cooked glutinous rice flour) 糕粉
60g icing sugar
30g shortening
50g fresh cream
1 tsp instant coffee powder
120g water
1/2 tsp coffee emulco

(A) 30g x 5
120g lotus paste
4 pcs Oreo cookies, cream removed and crushed cookies into powder form
20g cooking chocolate

(B) 70g x 5
350g lotus paste


1. Snowskin: Sift kao fen and icing sugar into a mixing bowl. Rub in shortening. Dissolve coffee powder in water. Gradually add this coffee mixture, cream, and coffee emulco into the flour mixture. Knead lightly till a soft dough forms. Set aside for 30 minutes. Divide the dough skin equally, roll round.

2. Filling (A): Double-boil cooking chocolate until melted, mix in cookies, then add in lotus paste and mix evenly. Divide filling (A) equally. Divide filling (B) equally. Wrap (A) with (B) - chocolate oreo inside. Roll round.

3. Flatten a piece of snowskin, wrap in filling, roll round, then pat some cooked glutinous rice flour.

4. Press it into mould, unmould and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Recipe adapted from: Mooncake Selections 52 月饼精选 52

Wishing everyone Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

I am submitting this Mocha Oreo Snowskin Mooncake to Aspiring Bakers #11: Mid-Autumn Treats (September 2011), hosted by Happy Home Baking.

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  1. 中秋节快乐~


  2. 你做好多冰皮月饼呢!

  3. Will try your oreo mooncakes next year, I am having mooncake phobia now, lol!

  4. Happy Mooncake Festival to you and all at home :)

  5. OMG, what a clever mix! I'll kiv this the next time I wanna make mooncakes :)

    Dropping by from Luxury Haven

  6. This must be heavenly, coffee and oreo :) Can imagine your family enjoying them tonight! I saw your comment regarding the recipe with more sugar than flour, can't wait for the AB collection to be compiled, am sure we will get more tips from there. Have a blessed Mid Autumn!

  7. practice make perfect... next yr will try the snowskin mooncake.

    happy mid autumn festival

  8. 今年我没做冰皮,明年吧:)

  9. Eileen@Hundred Eighty Degrees12 September 2011 21:22

    I will try this next year. Been eating mooncakes..
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and family.

  10. Mocha Oreo snowskin, what a prefect combination. The filling sounds so tempting...I love coffee and i always think coffee goes very well with oreo.

  11. Oh wow, this is so original! Love the idea of you adding oreo and mocha flavor, must be very delicious! Will try it next year. :) Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

  12. hi SSB thks for sharing, i'm looking for coffee snowskin recipe :)
    with oreo sounds perfect!
    Happy Mid Autumn Festival to u :)

  13. This mooncake version looks so delicious and unique! I would love to try this. Your mooncakes look perfect.

  14. SSB, you are creative to have oreo in snowskin mooncake! It looks delicious!

  15. What a creative combination! I will also attempt to try traditional mooncake, after i clear my fridge. Overloaded with mooncakes.

  16. Thanks for the lovely comments! Hope you all had fun eating mooncakes and celebrating with your loved ones! :)

  17. Yummy! Looks really nice! You're an expert in mooncake making now! :)

  18. Jane: Thanks! I'm still very far from becoming an expert. But mooncake making is indeed a very fun experience. :)

  19. Good morning, where can kao fen and lotus paste be bought from?

    1. You can get from any baking supplies stores like phoon huat, sun lik, etc. Do visit Kwong Cheong Thye too. They have many different flavours lotus paste during mooncake festival season and everything you need to make mooncakes, like moulds and packaging.

  20. I live in the US and can't fund Guo fen. Is there a substitute I can use? or how can I cook the gloutious flour to be consider fried/cooked gloutious flour?

  21. What a brilliant idea! I have never baked or made any mooncakes before and i wish to try making these this year. Wish me luck!