Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Orange Chiffon Cake

13 November 2007

I'm so disappointed when I turn the cake out of the tube pan. It is far too bad from the precious 2 chiffon cakes that I had made. I think it's probably due to the egg whites. It took unusually long to beat the egg whites to stiff peak. I did not reach the stiff peak stage eventually and I decided to fold into the egg yolk mixture. And that was how the result came out. I suspect that maybe the bowl was not cleaned properly the last time. I couldn't think of other reasons yet.

Other than the shape of the cake, I still like this cake very much as it's very soft and orangy.

Recipe from "Chiffon Cake is Done" by Kevin Chai

Ingredients (I reduce portion to using 2 eggs for 6 inch tin)
7 egg yolks (I use 2)
50g caster sugar (I use 15g)
1/4 tsp salt (I omit)
4 tbsp cooking oil (I use 20ml)
2 tbsp grated orange rind (I grate 1 orange)
60ml orange juice (I use 20ml)
few drops orange colouring (I omit)
110g self raising flour (I use 35g)

7 egg whites (I use 2)
1/2 tsp cream of tartar (I use 1/4 tsp)
130g caster sugar (I use 40g)

1. Combine egg yolks, salt, sugar and beat until pale in colour. Add cooking oil, grated orange rind, orange juice and colouring and mix well.
2. Fold in flour until batter forms.
3. Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar until frothy. Add in sugar gradually in 3 portions until stiff peaks form.
4. Gently fold in egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture, 1/3 at a time.
5. Pour mixture into ungreased 9 inch tube pan and bake at 170C for 30-40 mins.
6. Remove from oven and quickly turn the chiffon cake upside down on a wire rack.
7. Wait for the cake to cool completely before removing it from the tin.


  1. I can understand your disappointment! It could be the bowl, or even the paddle of your electric mixer that has got some oil stain? Anyway, other than the slightly sunken top, the cake looks great to me :)

  2. Hi HHB, thanks for your kind encouragement. I was really quite disappointed with the result. But at least I have learnt a little more about beating egg whites, which I have yet to master. :)

  3. Hi Small Small Baker!
    your cake looks really soft, like cotton!
    don't be disappointed:
    "Failure is the only opportunity to begin again more intelligently."
    -Henry Ford

  4. I second HHB; I find that the cake still looks pretty. And even though it may not look as perfect as you wished it to be, at least it tasted great! :)

  5. Thanks sweet-tooth and ovenhaven for being so encouraging. :)

    You can see that it is soft? My photo is quite blur. My photography skill hasn't improved much since I started baking. :)

  6. Hi small small baker, actually your sides look quite nice, except that you have a sunken top. Last time I didnt even have whole cake just dropped out :P Jia you! You are almost there already. :)

  7. Thanks Aimei. Yes, will continue to work hard. You too! ;)

  8. Hi, your cake still looks lovely and edible to eat. Can you tell me did you use vegetable oil or corn oil in your recipe? Thanks

  9. Hi Rose, you can use any type of vegetable oil. For me I use corn oil.

  10. Hello...

    I love how your chiffon cake looks.. I wonder why you are not using baking powder or baking soda.. was it because you are using self-raising flour? I will be using cake flour.. Do I need to add baking powder and soda?

    1. Thanks! But this chiffon wasn't successful then. :)
      Yes, you can replace self-raising flour with cake flour + baking powder.

      It is not really necessary to add in baking powder when baking chiffon cakes. I have tried recipes without baking powder and it still gives very good results. Check these out!

    2. thanks.. used your coffee cake recipe using cake flour + baking powder and we all loved it.. thanks for sharing your recipe.. ;)

  11. Hi...
    Do you know the reason why some chiffon cake recipes use one egg yolk less than the number of whites and others the same number?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. The extra egg whites gives the cake more volume and more fluffy, without the use of baking powder, if there is any in the recipe.