Wednesday, February 18, 2015

羊年吉祥(三)Hup Tou Sou Cookies 没有核桃的核桃酥

Third CNY cookies. Hup Tou Sou Cookies (Walnut cookies without walnuts) 没有核桃的核桃酥. The name so strange right? People say the traditional Hup Tou Sou has no walnuts. I have never tasted before. Since I have peanut oil and alkaline water leftover from mooncake making. I'm giving it a try.

Into the oven now.

Freshly baked.

Though the ingredients are so simple, just flour, sugar, a bit of butter, no eggs, the cookies surprisingly taste so good! Crunchy, fragrant, sweet and a bit salty. The key ingredients should be the peanut oil and alkaline water which give the cookies a special taste.

I have some problem with the amount of peanut oil from the original recipe. Maybe because I always prefer to weigh liquid ingredients in grams instead of ml, which may not be the same - 150ml may not be equivalent to 150g. So I added the peanut oil slowly until a dough is formed. I used only 100g peanut oil in the end.

Hup Tou Sou Cookies 没有核桃的核桃酥

Ingredients (I make 56 pieces, of sizes from 8-10g)

250g plain flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
125g sugar (can be reduced further for me)
1/2 tsp fine salt

20g salted butter
100g peanut oil or cooking oil (original is 150ml)
1/2 tsp alkaline water 碱水


1. Add all dry ingredients except butter, peanut oil and alkaline water in a mixing bowl. Rub butter with flour mixture till crumble. Slowly add in peanut oil and alkaline water and mix together till a soft dough is formed. Initially the dough is very wet, after few good knead and it will become a smooth dough.

2. Weigh dough into 8-10g each and roll into small balls (initially I used 10g and then reduced to 8g because I prefer smaller size), and place on a baking tray.

3. Use a suitable bottle cap to press on the centre of each cookie to create a round pattern. (I use finger)

4. Brush with egg wash (egg yolk) and bake at 170 deg C for 20 minutes until golden brown.

Recipe adapted from: Nasi Lemak Lover

Done with 3 types of cookies this year. Wanted to try more recipes but not much time and we already have too much goodies at home. So shall end the baking here. Not a lot compared to others but we love all these 3 that I have made.

I wish everyone a prosperous Goat Year!
May all be safe and healthy!!