Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cashew Nut Cookies 2010

I hope you don't get bored after seeing the title of the post. It's my third consecutive year baking these cashew nut cookies. If you are new to my blog or haven't read my previous post before in 2008 and 2009, let me tell you again why it's my favourite cookies during CNY.

It must be nearly 20 years ago, I used to help my mother bake these cashew nut cookies every Chinese New Year. I remember I used to help her grind the cashew nuts using a mortar and pestle, pure hard work. It was difficult to grind them into powdery form, which was not a bad thing because you can taste bits of nuts when you bite into the cookies. These days I'm too lazy to bring the mortar and pestle out. All I need is a blender that can grind them finely in 2 seconds! We didn't have an electric mixer as well. So my mother would do the mixing using a large bowl and a big wooden spoon. I remembered the first time we made, all the cashew nuts didn't stick to the cookies well and came off. We learn from our mistakes and brush a layer of egg white so that they can stick well.

Since we shifted house 10 years ago, we stopped baking as it was a built-in oven and we couldn't bring it to our new house. We didn't buy a new oven either. So for years, when I miss the cookies, I buy them from outside and none of them taste like the homemade ones. 2 years ago, I decided to bake my favourite cookies again. I'm still using the old crescent-shaped copper cookie cutter that was probably 20 years old. The new-found recipe was so good that I'm still using it this year.

So now you know the reason why it's my favourite cookies and I must bake it very year. Because it brings back all the good memories. :)

Refer to my favourite Cashew Nut Cookies recipe here.

Wishing all of you a Lucky and Prosperous Tiger Year!