Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fruit Pastry Cake

I found myself a little lost in the baking blogs world. For the past few months, I had slowed down in baking and did not visit or follow blogs as much as I did in the past. Then all of a sudden, so many new baking blogs just appear and I found myself following more and more new blogs recently.

I notice that there are trends in baking too. When someone posts something that look wickedly delicious, it will just spread among all the other bloggers and you will start to see it appearing in baking blogs one after another.

One of them is the Fruit Pastry Cake by HHB. Although she is not the one who created or first posted this recipe, I believe she is the one who started this trend of making this cake.

Here's my version of the Fruit Pastry Cake. I bake it in a 8" square pan, topped with canned peaches, cherries and grapes. The cake already smells very good when it is still in the oven. And the result is exactly what everyone has described - a cross between a sponge cake and a butter cake. I have it for breakfast, teabreak, breakfast, teabreak, and still do not feel sick of it after eating for 2 days. :)