Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cashew Nut Cookies 2012

These are my Cashew Nut Cookies for the coming Dragon Year. Same recipe, same cookie mould, as usual every year.


I always like to proudly say to people that you can never find anywhere selling Cashew Nut Cookies like mine, which has cashew nut as big as the cookie. I think the size of my cookie cutter does matter. Because it is small, you can put the whole cookie into your mouth and when you bite, you have a whole mouthful of cashew nut fragrance.

This session of photo-taking is exactly the same as the German Cookies. I have absolutely no creativity in food photography.

The two 2 types of hongbao are free from U-weekly magazine. See my mum's hongbao collection here.

These are another batch of German Cookies. The marbled pattern is more obvious and better than the last time.

Although I have a long list of CNY cookies recipes yet to try, I must stop CNY baking already since this weekend will be the reunion dinner and no more messing up the kitchen.

I'll be looking forward to all the posts about your reunion dishes recipes. And do submit to Aspiring Bakers. :)


Before I end, just a small note on something I'm not very happy about...

I woke up one day checking the internet, and visiting some of my favourite websites. There is this Singapore Happycall pan group which has a lot of recipes using the Happycall pan. Although I do not own one, I like to check up the recipes there. But I was surprised to find my Cashew Nut Cookies posted by one member. She copied my entire recipe but did not link to my page. As much as I welcome anyone to share and quite happy that people are reading and trying out my recipes, I appreciate if you can link back to me. Trust me, it doesn't feel too good to see that. I usually don't like to confront (or quite afraid to confront), but this I can't stop myself from writing out. I hope the other recipes posted in this group are not similarly copied from other blogs without giving credit.


  1. 香香脆脆的果仁小饼干,我也喜爱。但是我还是没有时间准备。也许就是等这最后2天假期后才有时间弄了。嘻嘻~


  2. SSB, I notice the same thing , someone "copied" my post even the note that I wrote exactly the same words....the note start from "I ....." the "I" becomes herself.

  3. The photos are beautiful and the cookies look really delicious! Love the shape of the cashewnut cookies...they look like dumplings! :)

  4. I always love the shape of your cashew nuts! Very unique but lots of work ya...!

  5. I've always like your cashew nuts! Just like what Wen said. It's your icon! :) Every year, I looked forward to you posting your iconic cashew nuts during this period. Heehee...

  6. Dear small small baker,

    thanks for sharing the recipe with us. I am going to bring it to the attention of the admin for the hcp group. I think it's impt to give due credit to your recipe.

    :) christine

  7. Joceline: 对咯。今年的新年来的太快了。大家都来不及准备。我也没花心思去做新的年饼,全都是做过的。我也祝你龙马精神,恭喜发财!

    Angel: So yours have been copied too? I know how it feels. I notice that most recipes posted there do not have link. I thought they are original recipes. Now I think they are not.

    To Food With Love: Thanks! Hehe!

    Wen: Thanks! Sometimes I feel like Using a bigger cutter. Really time-consuming. Haha!

    Blackswan: Thanks and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

    Jane: Iconic cashew nut cookies? Hehe, so you see them you know it's made by me. Wow! I finally have something to represent me. Thanks for that! :)

    christine: Thank you for your attention. I really like this group cos I learn many new dishes there. So I did not specify which HCP group and which recipe. I don't want to offend anyone. I also thank that member who share my recipe. But please remind anyone who share recipes to provide links if the recipe is not original. It seems that not only mine has been copied. I thank you on behalf of all bloggers here. :)

  8. hello! i just tried this out at home last nite. super tiring, and most of my cookie came out burnt. sigh, but still, the non burnt ones are quite nice!

    do you have a recipe on nestum cookies? was thinking to make some and since i really like your cookies, wondering if you can share the recipe with us.

  9. Anonymous: Aiyo! Maybe you have to reduce your oven temp to 170-175. Ya lor, it's a lot of work. :)

    Actually I am also searching recipe for nestum cookies. I have done, will surely share with you all. But can also try google for the recipe if you can's wait. Hehe!

  10. I mean: If I have done, will surely share with you all. You can also try google for the recipe if you can't wait. Hehe!

  11. 祝你新年快乐,财运亨通,龙年行大运。。。